Amfah is certified by ISO 9001:2008 certificate.         Amfah is certified by ISO 9001:2008 certificate.          Amfah is certified by ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
Inspection, repair and maintenance

Chimney repair and maintenance is a highly sophisticated service requiring specialized knowledge, engineering expertise and a diversity of experience. Amfah meets all of these qualifications. The company inspection teams of carefully trained and skilled professionals have completed more than 50 chimney projects. This outstanding record of achievement places Amfah in a position of leadership in the field of chimney maintenance and repair.

At Amfah we have the capability, knowledge and skills to inspect, maintain and repair chimney structures throughout the world. We prepare detailed inspection reports that enable our clients to monitor and assess the condition of their assets.

Our experience in chimney linings includes acid resistant brickwork, refractory, steel liners with wallpaper linings in titanium and as well as borosilicate glass block linings. From the drawing board to the jobsite, you can rely on the speed, economy and efficient performance of Amfah's repair and maintenance service. All assignments receive personal attention before recommendations are presented and repairs begun. Projects are thoroughly reviewed and innovative solutions discussed for the purpose of providing the customer with the most effective and economical program. In addition to providing normal repairs, Amfah's engineers and maintenance crews welcome the challenge of solving diverse problems.

The problems can include structural repairs to steel and concrete columns and liners, the installation of new structural supports to prevent future failures, emergency guying, the replacement of both brick and steel liners and the restoration of accessories, plus complete chimney demolition. Emergency repairs always receive top priority and our teams are on the job promptly after receiving your authorization, frequently working "around the clock."

Access Techniques

Amfah utilizes a number of different access techniques to suit the required inspection. We have Contractor who has the experience using gondola access systems as well as purpose made motorized access platforms.

Integrity Study

We can perform integrity studies, condition surveys and assessments, on and off-line inspections using digital video and still photography.

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